The University of Utah Andrology Program is committed to the treatment of male infertility through research, education and patient care. It is the goal of the andrology research program to discover new approaches to treat male infertility by combing both basic research and clinical disciplines. These goals can only be achieved through the combined efforts of the research team and the University of Utah Institutional Review Board (IRB) ensuring the highest quality and ethical research available.

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Andrology Laboratories

Douglas T. Carrell, PhD, directs the research and education performed at the Andrology & IVF Laboratories. The staff includes:

  • Full time research technicians
  • Graduate students from the Department of Physiology
  • Post-doctoral fellows

The research portion of the andrology program is an integral part of the program and is a way to develop new treatment options for patients.

Through the instruction of graduate students, medical residents, and post-doctoral fellows, Dr. Carrell hopes to bring new and competent clinicians and researchers into the field of andrology. Andrology researchers belong to many professional organizations such as American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).