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Mentor Expectations

As a mentor you should exhibit a passion for surgical education. Strive to be a positive role model to students and true ambassador to the profession of surgery. The best interest of the mentee should always be first and foremost in your mind as this relationship is predicated on developing the mentee’s strengths and achieving their goals. Be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a mentor. Be honest in your feedback without being judgmental or overly critical.  Offer your knowledge, experience, and perspective to the mentee.  Demonstrate interest in connecting with the mentee on a personal and professional level.

Time commitment

Mentors should be willing to meet quarterly with their mentee(s), however the time commitment will vary depending on what the mentor and mentee agree upon for the purpose and goals of the relationship.  Mentors should be open to a long-term relationship that spans the length of the mentee’s medical school education and beyond.

To participate in Mentor Connection:

  1. Submit your profile using this form
  2. This submitted profile will be posted on the Department of Surgery webpage.
  3. Interested mentees will connect with potential mentors via the mentor's preferred method of contact listed in their profile. 
  4. Mentor will respond to mentee request to either confirm or decline mentorship.