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Trauma & Acute Care Surgery


                                                   Ram Nirula 

                                            Ram Nirula MD, MPH, FACs
                                         Chief, Division of General Surgery
                                       Chief, Section of Acute Care Surgery

       Gia Lewis      Jason Young     Toby Enniss

      Gia Lewis MD, FACS     Jason Young MD, PharmD   Toby Enniss MD, FACS
            Burn Director                     SICU Director                   Medical Director 

The University of Utah's Acute Care Surgery section is dedicated to providing care to people with time-sensitive surgical disease—injuries from burns or trauma to surgical infections. To provide the best care for these patients, we provide a coordinated approach that includes attention to surgical as well as critical care aspects of our patients' disease.

To meet our patients' unique needs, our center is staffed with a dedicated burn surgeon, trauma and emergency general surgeon, and surgical critical care physician at all times. We have dedicated critical care units staffed with experienced health care providers to help our patients and their families cope with the stress of the situation.

We are unwavering in our dedication to quality patient care, innovative research, and education.

Ute Trauma Surgeons

Contact Us

Burn Trauma Director

Giavonni Lewis, MD, FACS

Trauma SICU Director

Jason B. Young, MD, PharmD

Trauma Medical Director

Toby Enniss, MD, FACS

Trauma Program Manager

Janet Cortez
Janet Cortez MS, RN, TCRN
Trauma Program Manager
Phone: 801-581-2622

Education & Outreach

Jamie Troyer, BSN RN, CEN TCRN

Trauma Outreach & Injury Prevention Coordinator

Phone: 801-585-2991

Trauma Program

Trauma Facebook pageUniversity of Utah School of Medicine
50 N. Medical Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84132