Integrating Clinical Training & Research

Thank you for your interest in the pediatric urology fellowship at Primary Children’s Hospital and the University of Utah. The training program is two years in length and is designed to uniquely integrate clinical training and research in a very functional way. During the entire duration of the program, the fellow will have 60 percent clinical and 40 percent research time allocations. This allows for ongoing progress on both fronts and for a full two years to hone skills in each realm in a realistic way. This provides an experience that will be similar to what a research-oriented pediatric urologist could expect as a faculty member in most academic institutions.

Facility & Patient Volume 

We feel that both productivity during the fellowship years and preparation for a future job are optimized by this design. Primary Children’s Hospital is a 300-bed, free-standing pediatric hospital affiliated with the University of Utah and Intermountain Healthcare; it serves the entire Mountain West (about a tenth of the geographic mainland US). Our setting and regional reputation provide a broad diversity of disease and an exceptional volume of patients. This enables a fellow to have a remarkable breadth of surgical and clinical experience with extensive exposure to endoscopic, open, and laparoscopic pediatric urology. We have five pediatric urologists on faculty and are part of a larger Division of Urology that includes 10 adult urologists and two PhDs. 

Our group of pediatric urologists decided to offer fellowship training here only after we felt that we could truly provide all of the various needed training elements and exposures for that would make a fellow’s experience here unique and exceptional. 

Rotation Schedule

Our program offers a unique integrated schedule that permits clinical and research experience during both years of fellowship.  We feel that this more closely mimics the ‘real life’ practice of an academic pediatric urologist.  The fellow will spend an average of two days each week in pursuit of hypothesis-driven basic or clinical science research.  The fellow is given the flexibility to schedule these days based on operative schedules and research timelines.  The fellow is given the flexibility to schedule these days based on operative schedules and research timelines. 

Apply Through Fellowship Match

Interested applicants should plan to register for the fellowship match through www.spuonline.org with interviews being conducted in early 2019. Dr. Chad Wallis is the fellowship program director and can be contacted at chad.wallis@hsc.utah.edu

Again, thanks for your interest and we welcome any inquiries.

Program Director

Contact Us

For more information, contact the following:
Elizabeth Lignell
Pediatric Fellowship Manager
Phone: 801-213-2780
Email: elizabeth.lignell@hsc.utah.edu