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Urology Education


The University of Utah Division of Urology offers a 5-year residency program, clinical fellowships in Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery (GURS), Pediatric Urology and Andrology.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive training in all aspects of these fields with hands-on surgical experience, development of clinical decision-making, and participation in the frontiers of research. The activities of the urology division are aimed to deliver professional, high quality patient care in a courteous and compassionate manner. We encourage an environment which will stimulate acquisition of knowledge by all staff members, residents,  and medical students.

A hallmark of our academic urology program is being able to accomplish these goals in a pleasant, encouraging and mutually enjoyable atmosphere. We invite you to explore the opportunities available to you in our residency and fellowship programs.



Dr. Richard G. Middleton was a legend at University of Utah and served as one of the longest standing chiefs of urology in the country. His legacy included surgical innovation, leadership, and most importantly, mentorship. He was revered by his trainees. A visiting professorship has been created to honor his legacy, so that future urologists and trainees would continue to remember what he built at the University of Utah and his love of urology.

Every year, a nationally recognized urologist who represents the ideals that were so well embodied by Dr. Middleton is invited to give expert lectures to the Division of Urology. The half day meeting is attended by trainees, faculty, advanced practice providers, and many community-based urologists. 



Grand rounds and conference occurs twice a week on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 7:00–8:30 a.m. Each resident and staff gives a comprehensive grand rounds talk one to two times a year on a subject of their choosing. In addition, we have had previous grand round talks from general surgery, infectious disease, oncology and radiation oncology among others in order to broaden the scope of our discussions and bring in expert opinions. Other conferences during these two mornings include: tumor board at the Huntsman Cancer Center, evidence based case conference, morbidity and mortality, pediatrics conference and journal club once a month.

Grand rounds and conferences are open to any clinician, and we welcome outside urologists for their experience and often very important perspectives. We are starting to compile videotape with slide libraries of our post-grad rounds for open access review for anyone interested.


Mountain Outdoor GU Lecture Series Conference 

February 6 - 8, 2025

The Mountain Outdoor GU Lecture Series (MOGULS) Conference is intended for physicians, residents, advanced practice providers and others interested in urologic care. The most up to date and practical information on delivering urologic care will be presented in an inclusive and interactive format through lectures, debates, and discussions.

Nationally renown experts will speak at the meeting covering a breadth of content in urology, radiation oncology, and medical oncology. A wide variety of clinically relevant topics from the latest in urologic oncology to pediatric practice have been included to appeal to a broad range of interests. This conference will provide a collaborative forum for urologic care leaders to share the profession’s evidence-based practice, innovative ideas, and share methods that can be used to improve patient outcomes and drive value-based care.