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Welcome From Our Chief

Jeremy Myers, MD, FACS, Urology Division Chief

The Division of Urology has a mission that is supported by four important pillars: clinical excellence, education, research innovation, and global and community service. It is my pleasure to welcome you to these pages highlighting these three important aspects of our program.

We are composed of a group of approximately 27 distinguished clinical and research faculty members, many of whom hold leadership positions in our organization, national research collaborations, and regional/national specialty societies. The five clinical sections of the Division of Urology are: Adult Urology, Pediatric Urology, Men’s Health/Infertility, Reconstructive, and Urologic Oncology

One of the greatest sources of pride in the Division of Urology is our Educational program. University of Utah residents and fellows come from across the country and are diverse, intelligent, and hard-working. About half of our recent program graduates have pursued fellowships at prestigious centers, such as Vanderbilt, University of Washington, MD Anderson, and the City of Hope National Medical Center or stayed for exceptional fellowship training in Utah. Others have developed successful community practice positions throughout the country and especially in the Intermountain West.

In Academics, we have dramatically increased our research infrastructure and productivity over the last decade. Within our research section, there are six PhD, researchers specializing in basic and translational science, and epidemiology. We now have significant research, supported by extramural funding, in almost all aspects of urologic care. Residents and fellows benefit from this infrastructure and can pick and choose between projects, selecting those that most interest them. Extramural funded projects include those in men’s health/andrology, infertility, reconstructive urology, neurourology, pediatric urology, and oncology. We are also a leader in clinical trials and have ongoing projects in men’s health, reconstructive, pediatric, and urologic oncology.

Clinical aspects of our efforts are also expanding, fueled by the robust growth and economy of Utah. Over the last decade, we have doubled our faculty and we constantly evaluate where growth needs to continue as our clinical operations expand. In addition, to our faculty growth, we have embraced innovative treatment strategies for urologic conditions, such as new robotic techniques, gender affirmation surgery, and innovative approaches to benign prostate hypertrophy treatments.

For prospective residents, we offer unparalleled training and research opportunities. The University of Utah is a springboard for residents and fellows in launching both academic and clinical careers in urologic surgery. For patients, we provide cutting edge surgery for routine and advanced urologic conditions always keeping empathy, caring, and a patient-centered focus at the forefront of our care.  Our mission is to provide the best care possible to our patients through education, advanced research, and cutting-edge clinical approaches.

Jeremy B. Myers, MD, FACS

Chief of Urology
Professor of Surgery (Urology)