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Transgender Health Program Staff

Program Coordinator

Ariel Malan

Ariel Malan

Outreach Network and Development Specialist

Ariel Malan is a health equity consultant, community organizer and activist, and queer educator. She earned a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from University of Utah in 2018. For over a decade, Ariel's passion and expertise has been working with LGBTQ+ communities through advocacy, education, and research. She currently serves as Outreach Network and Development Specialist for the University of Utah Transgender Health Program and provides education and training on LGBTQ+ health equity topics.

In her role with the University, she leads several system wide initiatives targeted at improving LGBTQ+ inclusivity in healthcare settings. Ariel has been instrumental in helping build the University of Utah’s multi-disciplinary transgender health program, which spans across 8 specialties of care, from establishing community engagement pathways and workforce education to better serve gender diverse people. She is a 2021 Utah Business Living Color award honoree and has been featured on a variety of podcasts, panel events, and radio shows on the future of transgender health and LGBTQ+ advocacy.

Patient Coordinators

Jesse is a proud queer transman with roots in the local gender-diverse community. Jesse has over 12 years of experience working with youth and families at the Utah Pride Center. He helped organize Utah's first Genderevolution Conference and Utah's first Trans Pride March. He is a graduate of Salt Lake Community College.

Kathryn received their bachelors degree in sociology with an emphasis on gender and sexuality from Westminster College in 2015. Their undergraduate research reveals the myriad of ways queer/trans and gender non conforming artists in Salt Lake City transcend boundaries, borders and binaries. Moderating collaborative workshops in New Orleans Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association and the Genderevolution conference in SLC, their passions center radicalizing care for LGBTQ+ folks. As a Patient Coordinator, Kathryn assists patients with navigating care and working with insurance companies ensuring coverage for patient services.

Jess Stahle is the new patient coordinator on the Transgender Health Program team. Jess’s passion for equity and access to healthcare blossomed during their work as a direct-entry midwife and herbalist. Their practice focused on providing care to those most marginalized in the state while training the next generation of midwives to approach care with compassion and understanding. Jess was a founding board member of the Utah Midwives Organization, serving in multiple positions over the years. After closing their practice in 2019, Jess took their skills to the community and systems levels. They coordinated the Utah Pride Center’s Parent and Caregiver Program, providing support and creating programming for families with gender-diverse family members. At the Division of Services for People with Disabilities, Jess managed grants and programs aimed at the primary prevention of sexual assault and services for survivors with disabilities. Outside of work, Jess is a nature nerd who can often be found hiking and rockhounding with their partner and three teens or curled up in a nook running down research rabbit holes.


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