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The Distinguished Service Award recognizes individuals, both alumni and non-alumni, who have made outstanding contributions to the school, the community, and the practice of medicine.

  • Service and Contributions to the School of Medicine
  • Contribution to the Community
  • Demonstrated Commitment to Enhancing Medical Education

Harry Hill, MD
2019 Distinguished Service Award

For his contributions to research and education about immune deficiency disorders. Hill helped to found ARUP Laboratories, the national esoteric reference laboratory owned by the University of Utah, and then the ARUP Institute for Clinical and Experimental Pathology.
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Past Distinguished Service Recipients

Year Recipient
2017 Charles W. Sorenson, MD
2016 Carl Kjeldsberg, MD
2015 James R. Scott, MD
2014 Thomas S. Caine, MD'63
2013 Ezekiel R. (Zeke) Dumke, Jr. and Katherine White Dumke
2012 Richard G. Middleton, MD
2011 David N. Sundwall, MD'69
2010 John M. Matsen., III, MD., & William H. and Patricia W. Child
2009 C. Hilmon Castle, MD., FACP., FACC
2008 The Spencer Stoddard and Hope Fox Family
2007 Jay Jacobsen, MD
2006 DeVon C. Hale, MD'69
2005 John C. Nelson, MD'68
2004 Anne G. Osborn, MD and J. Leon Sorenson
2003 Quintin S. Harris, MD'55 & Kristin Ries, MD
2002 Chase N. Peterson, MD'56 (Harvard)
2001 Carol Fay
2000 William J. Kolff, MD., PhD
1999 L. George Veasy, MD'76
1998 Sherman S. Coleman, MD
1997 C. Charles Hetzel, MD
1996 Maxwell M. Wintrobe, MD., PhD
1995 Lois S. Goodman, MD
1994 Jon M. Huntsman
1993 Walter Stevens, PhD
1992 Frank L. Tyler, MD