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Our Values and Identity

As a department, we are strongly committed to building an inclusive and equitable environment that attracts a diverse community of talented faculty, students, and postdocs who are supported and enabled to do their very best science and to use their talents to benefit society.


Our Faculty

Biochemistry Faculty 2023
Biochemistry Faculty as of 8-2-2023

Our Postdoctoral Fellows

Biochemistry Postdoctoral Fellows
Biochemistry Postdoctoral Fellows as of 8-2-2023

Our Graduate Students

Biochemistry Graduate Students
Biochemistry Graduate Students as of 8-2-2023

Trainee Support Fund

Biochemistry's Trainee Support Fund

Thank you to everyone who donated to Biochemistry's Trainee Support Fund in 2023!  These funds will make a difference! 

The fund remains open.

What's Your Story?

Every couple of months, we feature a short bio from one of our trainees.  The full interview, along with archived stories appear here.

Daniela Tamayo Jaramillo

Daniela Tamayo Jaramillo

(January 2024)

What drew you to science?

I did not grow up in a science-oriented family. But I always felt intrigued about biology, chemistry, astronomy, and physics. Since I was in first grade, science and math were always my favorite subjects in school. I have always been a deep thinker and science fueled that natural thirst for understanding things. 


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