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Disease Prevention Research Thread

DBMI faculty is heavily involved in informatics research leading towards disease prevention in cancer, metabolic disorders, and diseases affecting newborns. Key aspects of disease prevention are taught across multiple courses, (i.e., Clinical Decision Support and related courses). The topic is introduced in the first-year application domain courses and developed as trainees engage with the specific tracks. The application of informatics to prevent disease is explored in the context of genomic variant interpretation in the Foundations of Bioinformatics course and in the context of clinical decision support systems reviewed and developed in the Clinical Decision Support course and FHIR Practicum. There are ample opportunities for trainees to focus on disease prevention, and in particular cancer prevention, as they engage in research with mentors. 


  • Kensaku Kawamoto

  • Guilherme Del Fiol

  • Rachel Hess

  • David Wetter

  • Karen Eilbeck

  • Aaron Quinlan


BMI 6300 - Clinical Decision Support

BMI 7902 - FHIR Practicum

BMI 6030 - Foundations of Bioinformatics