Why We Love the University of Utah


Students agree that there are unique aspects of the program that cannot be matched anywhere else. There are resources available for every student. 

Types of opportunites that students enjoy about the program:

  • Federally funded individual investigator and center grants (PhD Program)
  • Industry within blocks of the University
  • 24 primary and 50 adjunct faculty who are international leaders in their areas
  • Special interest groups for students, faculty, and industry partners with similar interests
  • Curriculum built on data science core, informatics application area, foundational methods and electives specializing in 8 research tracks
  • Being able to work on a clinical research team applying NLP to clinical text
  • Opportunities to work on a project with one of our Industry Advisory Board partners














Student Profile


"I joined DBMI with an engineering background, clinical experience in primary care, and two years of mobile health research for chronic disease prevention. My interests, though wide and varied, have been seamlessly integrated and expanded upon because of the opportunities in our department. From day one, the DBMI faculty has invested in me as a student and connected me with trainings and workshops in data science, behavior change, personal health informatics and FHIR to ensure that I will succeed not only as a graduate student but also as a future contributor to science."

Leah Yingling
PHD Student

Student Profile


“As an NLM fellow, I have the freedom to explore a variety of research projects. The Biomedical informatics training program gives me the unique opportunity to combine my passion for healthcare, my skills in computing, and my experience in public health through a plethora of research opportunities and unparalleled mentorship from experts in clinical decision support and population health informatics.”

Jean Frédo Louis
PHD Student

Student Profile


“The 18 months I have spent in the department have given me valuable access to expert faculty, engaging opportunities in academic research, and exposure to industry. The multi-disciplinary nature of the program means that there are always possibilities for productive collaboration. It's exciting to be exposed to so many people who are dedicated to advancing the field.”

Max Taggart
MS Student

Student Profile


"At the University of Utah the Department of Biomedical Informatics makes learning truly immersive. You don't just learn about the tools, you learn how to uses them in real research and clinical scenarios. One of my favorite things is the variety of special interests in the department, regardless of what your interested in you can find a specialist.”

Nick Consiglio
MS Student