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Opportunities Throughout Residency

Scholarship (either with elective time or longitudinal)

  • Primary Care research team with Dr. Michael Magill
  • PCMH research with Dr. Jones at the Neurobehavior HOME Program
  • Shaping own project with faculty sponsorship/mentoring
  • Robert Graham Center Visiting Scholar Program in Washington, DC

Organized Medicine

  • Utah Academy of Family Physicians (UAFP)
    • Board of Directors (one resident member from each residency in the state)
    • Committee membership (Legislative, Communications, or Finance Committee)
    • Participation in legislative session with Executive Director of UAFP (Maryanne Martindale)
  • American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)
    • Participate in the National Conference for Special Constituencies (NCSC) held every Spring (Kansas City, learn about AAFP policy making process, leadership training, networking)
    • Participate in the Family Medicine Congressional Conference every Spring (learn about ways to effectively communicate with representatives, spend a day in Washington, DC lobbying)
    • Apply for membership on a national commission (Commissions on: Continuing Professional Development, Education, Finance and Insurance, Governmental Advocacy, Health of the Public/Science, Membership and Member Services, Quality and Practice)
    • Board of Directors (one resident member from across the nation)
  • Utah Medical Association (UMA)
    • Committee membership (multiple committees surrounding legislation, community relations, public health, education, quality, and membership)
    • Serve as a delegate to the annual House of Delegates (can represent University of Utah School of Medicine, UAFP, possibly others)
  • American Medical Association (AMA)
    • Serve as delegate to resident caucus
  • University of Utah School of Medicine/University of Utah Health Care
    • Internal committee membership

Third Year (R3) Required Rotations

  • Community and Preventive Medicine rotation

Elective Opportunities

The following elective possibilities would need to be arranged by the resident with faculty assistance

  • Department of Health
  • Utah Health Policy Project: “a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to lasting solutions to the crisis of the uninsured and rising health care costs.”
  • Health Insight: “a private, non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to improving health and health-care, that is composed of locally governed organizations in Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.”
  • Healthy U Medicaid: ACO in state Medicaid program