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Dr. Stoesser Appointed to Leadership Roles in National Family Groups

Kirsten Stoesser, MD, FAAFP has helped raise the profile of our Family Medicine program nationally by serving in positions of leadership in important Family Medicine organizations. Most recently, she served as a Delegate from the Utah Academy of Family Physicians to the American Academy of Family Physicians at the national Congress of Delegates Meeting, which met virtually in early October. Dr. Stoesser has served in this position for three years, representing our Utah family physicians to the national Congress.

Dr. Stoesser has also been selected to serve on a discussion committee of the National Summit of Family Medicine Residency Education, which will take place in December 2020. This vital meeting will focus on the future of Family Medicine training and will have far-reaching national consequences for family medicine trainees. The summit will include all the major organizations of Family Medicine. Dr. Stoesser’s high-profile participation in this event emphasizes the quality of Utah’s family education training programs and its importance to the U.S.’s family medicine efforts.