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UPAP Students Write Popular Article

Accelerate, U Health's online learning community and blog for health care professionals, has spent the end of the year revisiting their most popular and impactful articles. One of these articles, "Be Mindful and Educate Yourself: Black Patient Voices," was written by two UPAP students, Jocelyn Cortez and Scarlet Reyes. The article covers a number of ways that health care workers can be more responsive listeners to Black patients in their care.

According to an email sent to Cortez and Reyes by Accelerate, the article was read by 298 individuals and had 340 views, meaning that in all, interested healthcare workers at the U and elsewhere spent 19 hours learning from Cortez and Reyes's work. "Over the past four years, over 125,000 people from across the world have joined Accelerate," said the Accelerate editorial team in the email. "Because your post endures, our audience will continue to grow and learn from your work. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise to cultivate a trusted learning resource for U of U Health."