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New HRSA Grant Announced For Family Medicine

Jun 21, 2021

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grants allow for greater training of medical students and residents who wish to focus on rural and underserved communities. For the next five years, the Family Medicine Residency program of DFPM will be the beneficiary of the HRSA program, as their proposal was recently accepted with a funding score of 100.

The grant proposal, titled "Maternal Health Capacity Building for the Medically Underserved in Rural and Urban Utah" is designed to allow the Family Medicine Residency program greater resources for preparing their residents via education such as UDOH Title V opioid training, and instruction on telehealth and care delivery. Additionally, residents will have expanded rotations opportunities in rural utah facilities. The grant will also fund two additional HRSA fellows, increasing the total number of fellows in the program to four. This is a remarkable increase, as it makes Utah's Family Medicine/OBGYN HRSA cohort one of the largest cohorts in the country. A further result of the grant support will be increased interprofessional teaching between the Family Medicine Residency program and DFPM's Utah Physician Assistant Program (UPAP).

The PI for this grant is Carl Whittaker, MD, Fellowship Director for Family Medicine. Also included in the grant are Laura E. Moreno, MD (FM); Kirsten Stoesser, MD (FM); Dominik Ose, MPH, DrPH (FM); Jennifer P. Leiser, MD (FM); Steven Godin, PhD, MPH (Public Health); Chaz A. Whitbeck, PA-C (UPAP); David Turok, MD, MPH, FACOG (ObGyn); and Andy Garrison, MD (adjunct, FM).