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Dr. Charles R. Rogers Bestowed University of Minnesota SPH Alumni Award

In addition to the acclaim they bring to our department, DFPM faculty achievements also reflect well upon their graduating institutions. Recently, public health assistant professor Charles R. Rogers, PhD, MPH, MS, MCHES® was highlighted as a distinguished alumnus of his alma mater, the University of Minnesota and its School of Public Health (SPH). Dr. Rogers will officially receive the 2021 “Emerging Leader” award at the School’s alumni award next month virtually. The University of Minnesota SPH Emerging Leader Award is presented annually to an alumnus/a who has made a significant contribution to public health or the community in which they serve. The award recognizes the exceptional and multi-tiered work that Dr. Rogers has done in raising awareness of colorectal cancer among Black men and other underrepresented groups. (AAHHE). The fellowship program helps train leaders of complex higher education institutions to promote institutional change and gain skills in resolving issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. To join the cohort, Dr. Jones had to demonstrate a strong commitment to equity and diversity in her service and scholarship. She will join other members of her cohort at the NLA Summer Institute in June of 2022.