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Program Director's Message: Fall 2021

Dear UPAP community:

I hope UPAP alumni and friends are doing well and staying safe. Classes are back in session, and the regular rhythm of the program continues. We graduated our 50th cohort on August 6th, 2021. This remarkable group of graduates persisted during these pandemic conditions, and are beginning their clinical journey in many locals and practice settings. We are proud of them and wish them well. Class 51 began clinical rotations and are settling into their new routines and educational experiences. And Class 52 is continuing the lengthy process of learning clinical medicine, history and physical exam within the classroom.

I think we all wish for a future time where we were not facing such daunting circumstances. The problem about constantly thinking about the future is that we concede the now. Now is a good time for us to be there for our patients. Now is a good time for us there for our students. Now is a good time to be there for each other and our families. If I have learned anything in the last year is that well laid plans go awry, people are tired, people are remarkable and that connectivity matters in a big way. I hope you will all stay connected to us.

Best regards,