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DFPM Research Selected for Outstanding Research Paper by AAFCP

Jun 17, 2022

The American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals (AAFCP) recently informed Public Health research scientist Shahpar Najmabadi, PhD, MPH, MS that a paper she served as first author of has been selected as the Outstanding Research Paper Award for 2021. The paper, titled "Cervical Mucus Patterns and the Fertile Window in Women Without Known Subfertility" measures the relationship between the presence of cervical mucus and fertility, with important ramifications for reproductive healthcare.

In addition to Najmabadi, the paper's list of authors include many DFPM researchers, including Karen C. Schliep, PhD, MSPH; Christy Porucznik, PhD, MSPH; Marlene Egger, PhD; and Joseph Stanford, MD, MSPH. Sara E Simonson, PhD, CNM, MSPH, BSN, adjunct professor for DFPM and associate professor in the College of Nursing, also contributed research.

As part of the award, Najmabadi has been invited to present a short summary of the paper's findings and impact at the upcoming Science and Research Forum of the Annual Meeting of the AAFCP. The award itself will also be announced at the meeting, which takes place at the end of July near St. Louis, Missouri.

The award for Najmabadi's research is even more remarkable as it is the second recognition this year she has received as first author. In April, Pediatric & Perinatal Epidemiology highlighted her article "Menstrual bleeding, cycle length, and follicular and luteal phase lengths in women without known subfertility: A pooled analysis of three cohorts" as the top-cited in their journal.

Shahpar Najmabadi, PhD, MPH, MS
Shahpar Najmabadi, PhD, MPH, MS