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Ivette López to Lead Development of Online MPH

The Division of Public Health has offered the CEPH-accredited Master of Public Health (MPH) degree since 1978 – one of the flagship degree programs of the department. The MPH program trains students in disease and injury prevention through coursework that includes epidemiology, health policy, emergency preparedness, and global health. Students graduating from the MPH program join an essential workforce maintaining the health of communities here in Utah and across the world.

Soon, a larger group of learners will have access to the MPH degree, as the Division introduces its first-ever online program offering. The online MPH degree will transfer the program’s in-person curricula to an online format while retaining the program’s commitment to educational excellence and practical skill-building. With the creation of the program, Public Health’s faculty will be able to provide their state-of-the-art teaching to a much wider audience.

Creation of the online program answers a growing need in the West for qualified public health workers and increasing interest in health professions as a career option. Those graduating with an MPH have a wide variety of career options available to them. The potential for growth in public health jobs is high, with an anticipated 10-year growth of 30.2% in the West and 36.5% here in Utah.

The new degree comes as a major initiative from University of Utah President’s Office, that has committed to providing support to the division in developing the program. The division has announced that Ivette López, PhD, MPH will helm the development process, bringing her expertise in health equity to the program in its early formation. Dr. López’s passion for equality in healthcare and public health management gives an added benefit to her leadership of the program, allowing Public Health to develop a new concentration in Health Equity that will be available to both online and traditional MPH students.

“The division is thrilled to have been selected by President Randall’s office to be part of this new online degree initiative.  We are grateful for the support of Dr. Wayne Samuelson, and we look forward to building this program with our partners at University Connected Learning,” said public health division chief Dr. Steven Lacey.

The new online MPH is expected to be available to prospective students beginning in Fall 2023.