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Department Well Represented at NAPCRG

Faculty, staff, and students of DFPM recently attended NAPCRG (North American Primary Care Research Group), 50th anniversary meeting, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Oral presentations were made by Jose Rodriguez, Emmanual Adediran, Elena Gardner, and Melanie Steiner-Sherwood.

Posters were presented by Robert Owens, Eliza Taylor, Alex Lockrey, and Dominik Ose.

Jose Rodriguez, Joseph Stanford, Tiffany Ho, Melanie Steiner-Sherwood participated in committees.

Additional DFPM authors not attending were Andrew Curtin, Bernadette Kiraly, Jennifer Leiser, Carl Whittaker, Ely Moreno, Andy Garrison, and Kirsten Stoesser.

In addition to her other activities, Melanie Steiner-Sherwood completed her one-year BRC Fellowship at the conference. The Building Research Capacity (BRC) Fellowship is a joint initiative between ADFM and NAPCRG, and hers was the inaugural cohort.