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Faculty Honored at FARA & Awards Reception

Faculty from DFPM's divisions were honored in a special awards dinner in early November, gathering at the University Guest House to celebrate milestones and achievements from the past three years.

"It was wonderful to see so many of you in-person and to celebrate the great achievements you have attained over the last few years," said Department Chair Kola Okuyemi, MD, MPH, of the event. "Having the opportunity to reconnect and share a nice meal and evening with the group was refreshing to say the least!"

Faculty members awarded at the event are listed below.


2019 Faculty Promotions

  • Jennifer P. Leiser, MD—Professor on Clinical Track
  • Amy B. Locke, MD, FAAFP—Professor on Clinical Track
  • Jeremy J. Biggs, MD, MSPH—Associate Professor on Clinical Track
  • Richard L. Bachman, MD—Associate Professor on Clinical Track
  • Jo Rolls, PA-C, MPAS, MEHP—Associate Professor on Clinical Track
  • TP Singh, BDS, MDS, MPH—Associate Professor on Lecturer Track
  • Mia Hashibe, PhD—Tenured Professor
  • Christy Porucznik, PhD, MSPH—Tenured Professor
  • James A. VanDerslice, PhD—Tenured Professor

2020 Faculty Promotions

  • José E. Rodríguez, MD—Tenured Professor
  • Melissa Cheng, MD, MOH, MHS, FACOEM—Associate Professor on Clinical Track
  • Amanda Moloney-Johns, PA-C, MPAS—Associate Professor on Lecturer Track
  • Jared Spackman, PA-C, MPAS—Associate Professor on Lecturer Track
  • Kelly Glazer Baron, PhD, MPH, DBSM—Tenured Associate Professor

2021 Faculty Promotions

  • Marlana M. Li, MD—Associate Professor on Clinical Track
  • Dominik Ose, DrPH—Associate Professor on Research Track
  • Eric M. Wood, MD, MPH—Professor on Clinical Track
  • Jennifer M. Coombs, PhD, PA-C, MPAS—Professor on Lecturer Track
  • Sharon L. Talboys, PhD, MPH—Associate Professor on Lecturer Track
  • Karen C. Schliep, PhD, MSPH—Tenured Associate Professor

Distinguished Roles

  • Joseph B. Stanford, MD—Vice Chair of Research (2019)
  • José E. Rodríguez, MD—Associate Vice President for Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (2020)
  • Steven Lacey, PhD, MS—Division Chief, Public Health (2020)
  • Darin T. Ryujin, PA-C, MPAS—Associate Chair for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (2021)
  • Jeremy J. Biggs, MD, MSPH—Division Chief, Occupational and Environmental Health (2021)
  • Jessica L. Jones, MD, MSPH—Associate Chair for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (2021)
  • Katherine T. Fortenberry, PhD—Wellness Committee Chair
  • Leigh Elrod, PA-C, MPAS—Division Chief, Physician Assistant Studies (2022)
  • Christy Porucznik, PhD, MSPH—Vice Dean for Faculty (2022)
  • Lisa H. Gren, PhD—Vice Chair of Education (2022)
  • Sharon L. Talboys, PhD, MPH—Global Health Committee Chair