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JAAPA Highlights Worldwide PA Experience

Article written by Kathy Pedersen, PA-C, MPAS

In spring 2022, the Journal of American Academy of Physician Assistants (JAAPA) developed a new section, “Global Insights," for scholars around the world to submit a description of physician assistant (PA) presence in their country, with the aim to elevate PAs and their counterparts across the globe. The department editor for “Global Insights” is Kathy Pedersen PA-C, MPAS from the DFPM Division of PA Studies.

  • Publications thus far have profiled PAs and PA analogues in: Germany, Liberia, UK, and Puerto Rico; 
  • A 2022-2023 run list includes Israel, Myanmar, New Zealand. Ireland, and Canada. 
  • In production are the countries of Cuba, Poland, Bulgaria, Canada and India. 
  • Articles in process include Ghana, South Africa, and Uganda

It has been an exciting venture to profile the PAs and PA analogues in many countries, using a knowledgeable in-country and US author for this US based publication that has readership around the globe. Using a template, clinicians the world over can submit a description of physician assistant or analogous experience (such as those had by Clinical Officers, Assistant Medical Officers, Clinical Associates, etc) in their country.  

The journal's intent is to catalogue countries with PA or PA counterparts approximately every 5 years, which will enable journal editors to compare many important data points. The gathered information has a high relevance for policymakers, historians, students, applicants, educators, and others. "Global Insights," published monthly, thus provides deep insight and important data for the experience of PA and PA analogues around the globe.