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Reflection Room for DFPM Employees Now Open

Thanks to the tireless work of Staff Council members--specifically Rosie Ludlow of OEH--the DFPM Reflection Room has been completed and is now available for DFPM staff and employees at 375 Chipeta Way. The room is funded by a Wellness & Integrated Health Seed Grant given to the department to increase the wellness opportunities in the department's physical space.

The room, which is located near the downstairs kitchen, is a dedicated space for DFPM employees to relax and take important personal time during the workday. The room is set up to be a quiet, relaxing space for reflection, relaxation, and calm.

Some amenities of the room include a prayer rug, music devices including Bluetooth listening options, hot tea, and soft furnishings for relaxing.  The room is decorated to reflect its purpose in providing a sanctuary during the workday, and features a painting done by an elephant, generously donated by Don and Kathy Pedersen, longtime supporters of the department.