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Dr. Rich Wolferz Wins Residency Leadership Award

by Heather McComber

Congratulations to the 2023 UAFP (Utah Academy of Family Physicians) Residency Leadership Award winner Dr. Rich Wolferz! This award is given based on nominations of faculty, residents, and staff. The winner of this award is to recognize a 3rd year Family Medicine resident in Utah for their outstanding accomplishments. We are so proud of Dr. Wolferz and all that he accomplished throughout his residency. But we are especially wowed for his accomplishments while serving as one of four Chief Residents. Reading through the nominations, it is clear that Dr. Wolferz goes above and beyond for his co-residents. Some comments from his nominations include

  • “Dr. Wolferz was instrumental in getting us to integrate a formal Lifestyle Medicine Curriculum into the residency program, and has led the implementation of this curriculum during this first pilot year of the roll-out…worked with residents from other programs and department within the University…This curriculum will continue and will have a long-lasting impact on resident education.”
  • “I am extremely grateful for Dr. Wolferz and the time and effort he put into bringing this incredible experience (lifestyle medicine) into our residency.”
  • “More than any other 3rd year in the program, Rich has been willing to pick up additional shifts and make schedule swaps to allow our residents flexibility in their lives outside of medicine.”
  • “Dr. Wolferz has shown incredible leadership skills and amazing acts of selflessness to support the residency this year.”
  • “Dr. Wolferz has also been involved with scholarship; he presented original research at a national Lifestyle Medicine conference…He also has a clinic quality improvement project that has been accepted for a national presentation at the Society for Teachers of Family Medicine.”

We could not be prouder of Dr. Wolferz and consider ourselves infinitely lucky that he chose our program during recruitment! Congratulations Dr. Wolferz!