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U of U Public Health Graduate Program Leaps Up in US News and World Report Rankings

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The US News and World Report is the premier US measurement for many graduate programs. Each year in mid-spring, the publication ranks graduate programs across the country on a variety of metrics, including job placement success, program reputation, cost, and student-faculty ratios.

The Public Health graduate programs at the University of Utah had a stellar performance in the US News ranking list this year, leaping a phenomenal 24 points from 2022’s ranking of #79. The program is now #55 among the 206 peer programs ranked in US News. The leap in rankings reflects the swiftly growing reputation of Utah’s public health graduate programs among its peers.

“Rankings are based on a survey of all the deans and program directors from across the country with regard to the academic quality of programs,” notes Division Chief Steven Lacey, PhD, CIH, CSP. “Our climb in the rankings is a testament to the good work of our students, faculty, and staff.”