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UPAP Collaborates with the Ute Indian Tribe Head Start Program

NEWS UPAP Head Start Program

The Utah Physician Assistant Program (UPAP) plays a crucial role in supporting the well-being of children in the community through its involvement with Head Start physicals. As part of its commitment to healthcare accessibility and child development, UPAP collaborates with the Ute Indian Tribe Head Start program to ensure that children receive comprehensive and thorough physical examinations.

UPAP's dedicated physician assistants bring their expertise to these screenings, ensuring that young learners are healthy and ready to embark on their educational journeys. By providing these vital healthcare services, UPAP not only contributes to the success of Head Start but also nurtures the overall health and growth of the next generation. As part of the developmental assessment process, each child receives a book to keep.

During their visit, the physician assistants were treated to an amazing lunch of traditional frybread and beans.