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Successful Regulatory Visit for Beehive Clinical Trial

Effective research projects extend beyond successful proposals and published papers. A research team’s adherence to following research practices is critical to produce meaningful results.

Showing they understand this important research rule, the team running the COVID-19 booster clinical trial – Booster Epidemiological Evaluation of Health, Illness and Vaccine Efficacy (BEEHIVE) – was deemed FDA compliant last week during a regulatory visit from the University of Utah’s CRSO Quality Assurance Team.

Principle investigator Sarang K. Yoon, DO, MOH and the research team were commended for their diligence in implementing regulations, and the positive and friendly energy of the research environment.

“I have been very impressed with Dr. Yoon’s work and her ability to navigate the complex environment that clinical trials often are. I am proud to be associated with such a great team,” says Division Chief for Occupational and Environmental Health Jeremy J. Biggs, MD, MSPH, FACOEM.

The clinical trial compares how two FDA-authorized boosters protect against COVID-19 in adults living in the greater Salt Lake City area with the goal of demonstrating the safety of the vaccines.

Enrollment closes mid-March, before the research team begins data analysis.