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Kirsten Stoesser Named Vice Chair of Education

We are happy to announce Kirsten Stoesser, MD, program director of the family medicine residency and family medicine associate professor, as the new Vice Chair of Education for the department. Dr. Stoesser’s appointment as Vice Chair fits seamlessly into her current responsibilities as director of the residency program.

In the role of Vice Chair, Dr. Stoesser will work closely with educators across the department and university to enhance educational opportunities, teaching, and scholarly activities for learners and faculty. She will ensure the quality of instruction across the department’s academic programs, spanning clinical training, graduate studies, and continuing education certification programs. Collaborating with division chiefs and graduate studies directors, Dr. Stoesser will provide access to scholarly resources and monitor education outcomes.

Dr. Stoesser is preceded in the role of Vice Chair of Education by Lisa Gren, PhD, who was appointed in 2022. As we transition this leadership role, we would like to express our gratitude for the tireless service Dr. Gren has performed in championing the educational aims of the department and building our ability to teach and influence. We would not have the remarkable educational reputation we enjoy today without her efforts.

Dr. Gren will continue in her role as Education Committee Chair, and Dr. Stoesser will serve as Vice Chair. Together they will provide essential guidance to the committee and other stakeholders.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Stoesser on her appointment.

Kirsten Stoesser, MD