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DFPM Employees Successfully Complete The Ragnar Race

In May, faculty, staff, and supporters of the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine (DFPM) joined forces to conquer the annual Ragnar Trail Zion Race.

Participants included Tanis Garcia (Central Administration), Andrew Langi (DFPM alumnus), Becca Murphy (DFPM supporter), Christy Porucznik (Public Health), Grant Russum (DFPM student), Karen Schliep (Public Health), Christopher Sparks (Public Health), and Sarang Yoon (Occupational & Environmental Health).

Collectively the group ran an impressive 128-mile journey across the rugged terrain of Zion National Park in 27 hours, 44 minutes, and 25 seconds. The relay-style race was completed over two warm days and one starry night at Ponderosa Resort.

The DFPM Ragnar team was formed as part of an employee engagement initiative and an opportunity to raise funds to support the department’s mission of expanding the possibilities of health.

Radnar Race

Senior Research Manager Tanis Garcia led the charge of organizing the group. “This sort of activity helps break down barriers and makes connecting with colleagues easier,” said Garcia.

Throughout the training period, connection and collaboration were developed between runners from across divisions. The camaraderie proved to be essential during challenging aspects of the race, including a pre-race injury, race day heat, and unexpected rain.

“Everyone was willing to help, whether it was during transition between runners, cheering each other on, or making a burrito run. I cannot emphasize how great I found all the runners on the team to be. The support of everyone was top-notch,” said Garcia.