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Become a Preceptor:

At the University of Utah PA program (UPAP), our clinical preceptors are some of our most influential teachers. Clinical preceptors play a critical role in educating our students by opening up their practices and allowing students to learn from the preceptor, the health care team, and willing patients. The clinical setting is where students are able to develop their synthesis of scientific concepts and clinical skills through providing patient care, and have some of their most impactful learning experiences. Precepting students is a wonderful way to give back to the profession, while providing mentorship, guidance and education to the next generation of PAs. Additionally, UPAP is able to offer adjunct faculty appointment to interested preceptors, which provide a number of benefits including campus discounts and remote access to the Eccles Health Science Library and its medical databases, journals and texts.

We have a consistent need for preceptors who work in all areas of medicine. If you are interested or have additional questions about precepting UPAP students, please contact Amanda Moloney-Johns at

The University of Utah School of Medicine Department of Family and Preventive Medicine Physician Assistant Program increases access to healthcare, to those living in medically underserved and rural communities.

The Division of Physician Assistant Studies is actively engaged in education, service and scholarship.


Jared Jared Spackman, MPAS, PA-C
Program Director