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Students are required to take and pass the Certified in Public Health (CPH) exam to fulfill the comprehensive exam requirement. We believe these credentials will give our students a competitive edge in the job market by demonstrating their public health knowledge and competencies.

Students can take the exam year-round by registering online for the date of their choosing.

Pre-requisites need to be updated as follows (does not need to be in list format, can just be a paragraph as follows): “The following courses are prerequisites for the exam: PBHLT 6100 Biostatistics 1, 6300 Epidemiology, 6400 Public Health Management & Practice, 6500 Public Health Systems & Services, 6600 Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health, 6700 Environmental & Biological Science in Public Health, and 6550 Public Health Program Planning, Evaluation, & Implementation.

Students will need to pass the exam to fulfill their graduation requirement and should plan their test date accordingly. Per the Graduate School requirements, students will need to be registered for credit hours the semester they take the exam and, per the Division of Public Health policy, the following courses are pre-requisites for the exam:

Because we are moving to this new requirement the cost will be $250 instead of $385. Students will pay $42/credit for 6 practicum credits and then issued a voucher code by the Division of Public Health to pay for the exam. Students taking the exam outside of the U.S. will be charged an additional fee of $100. Students who register for their practicum credits at the Asia Campus and schedule to take the exam in Korea will pay $59/credit for 6 practicum credits to cover the additional fee. The Division of Public Health will issue a voucher code to pay for the exam.

To register for the exam, please complete the Student and Alumni registration. We will need to verify your status in the Division of Public Health as a current student before you can enter your voucher code for payment. The testing location is the H&R Block Office at 888 South 200 East.

The National Board of Public Health Examiners (NBPHE) website has study resources including a content outline, sample exam questions, and practice exam. Additional resources include:

Students have free access to the ASPPH CPH Study Guide. Students and alumni will need to create a new account with their email address.

Once you log in with your new credentials, you’ll be directed to a payment page; to see a zero balance and access the guide, you will need to input the discount code: universityofutah123.