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Ella White photo Ella White
Degree: Nursing

Global Public Health Trip to Ghana and Paris (Summer 2019)

My summer in Ghana/Paris was a life-changing experience. It was an excellent opportunity to broaden my horizons and form relationships with peers whom I still keep in contact with. As a nursing student, choosing a learning abroad program with an emphasis on healthcare was especially important to me. The program was a great way to gain hands-on knowledge in the realm of public health, both through research and firsthand experiences. It also sparked my interest in Women’s/Maternal Health, an area I plan to pursue as a nurse and eventual nurse practitioner. My experiences in the learning abroad program confirmed my passion for the healthcare field, expanded my social circle, and was a wonderful way to spend a summer that I will never forget.
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Sam Carter photo Sam Carter
Degree: Environmental Geoscience, Department of Geology and Geophysics

Global Public Health and Geoscience in the Himalayas (Summer 2019)

Learning abroad in a remote region of the Himalayas has given me a unique perspective on challenges to managing water resources, the effects of climate change on international communities, and the close correlation between water and public health.  Furthermore, I benefitted from valuable cultural immersion and gained a plethora of professional skills that have directly translated to my current job.  I am very thankful for my learning abroad experience and the professors that made it happen.  It is one of the reasons why I was able to land such a fulfilling job in a beautiful region of Alaska, right out of college.
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Chelsea (Morgan) Paulsen  photo Chelsea (Morgan) Paulsen
Degree: Doctorate of Pharmacy


Ghana Learning Abroad Program (Summer 2017)

The learning abroad trip was by far the most unique experience I had during pharmacy school. In addition to learning about global public health, I also had the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with my peers from different disciplines. This interprofessional experience was foundational to my personal outlook and how I practice pharmacy in my career. The immersion in a culturally rich and diverse community was also impactful to me as a healthcare provider and human being.

Tori Wilson photo Tori Wilson
Degree: Health, Society & Policy / Psychology

Ghana Learning Abroad Program (Summer 2017)

How learning abroad was beneficial: In addition to introducing me to lifelong friends, the research I was able to participate in during this program gave me unique insight to the global phenomenon of pain. My time in Ghana showed me that the experience of pain is universal, but perception differs and can be greatly influenced by culture. During the midst of an opioid epidemic in America, having leaders with a diverse array of experiences is key to making sure no one is left behind. I leverage all that I learned during my time abroad in my work now, which is focused on increasing the quality of pain management delivered to the community.

Ashley Birdsall photo Ashley Birdsall
Degree: MPH/MHA – Global Health Certificate

Ghana Learning Abroad Program (Summer 2016)

The experiences I had in Ghana were one-in-a-lifetime and I will never forget them. Working with the Ghanaian medical students and learning about the difficulties of translating medical questions with multiple choice answers, posed challenges we worked through to get the research we were seeking. We focused on pain management in rural Ghana and it was beneficial for me to learn about how people around the world manage and deal with pain. The people were incredibly kind and willing to help! With the research that we gathered, I got hands on experience in cleaning up and finding the best way to present data; we were then able to present at a national conference the following spring. In addition to the research work we did, we went on many great adventures, from walking and driving safaris to beaches and markets that taught me about the culture of Ghana. I loved my learning abroad to Ghana and was lucky that my husband got to come too!
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Michael Birdsall photo Michael Birdsall
Degree: B.S. International Studies, Minor in Health. After the learning abroad trip, completed an MSPH at the U of U in 2018

Ghana Learning Abroad Program (Summer 2015)

I have been so much more aware of the different experiences people have and where they are coming from. I also have a better understanding of the complexities that exist in healthcare barriers and disparities.
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Natalie Griswold photo Natalie Griswold
Degree: Kinesiology; Chemistry & Nutrition

Global Public Health Trip to Ghana and Paris (Summer 2019)

The learning abroad program opened up my potential to pursue a graduate degree in Public Health. At the time I went to Ghana, I was finishing my B.S. and unsure of my potential in the professional workforce. I was also feeling like my academic journey was not over and that I wanted to go further in my education, I just didn’t know what direction. After working with the incredible doctors that lead the trip, I realized I was drawn to the world of research and fieldwork, which led me to the M.S.P.H. program at the U of U. I constantly bring the lessons I learned in Ghana to my current position as a research analyst. I don’t think I would be as successful in the workplace as I am today without the experience I gained in Ghana.
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Skyler Walker photo Skyler Walker
Degree: Kinesiology; Chemistry & Nutrition

Ghana Learning Abroad Program (Summer 2015)

The Global Public Health Fieldwork study abroad was one of the greatest and most eye-opening experiences I've had. It showed me a glimpse into the kinds of health disparities that are around the world and inspired me to find how I could help in the future. I decided to pursue a medical education with the United States Navy with aspirations of serving humanitarian missions around the globe to help others who may not have access to the healthcare they need.

Daisy Krakowiak photo Daisy Krakowiak (Wiebe)
Degree: Master of Public Health (MPH)

Ghana Learning Abroad Program (Summer 2010 & 2011)

Daisy Krakowiak (Wiebe) is Quality Management Clinician in the Palm Beach County Ryan White Part A Program in Florida. Her work has included data analysis/presentation, quality improvement, re-engaging clients living with HIV who are out of care, and developing a client comprehensive assessment tool using standardized, validated methods. Daisy received her PhD in Epidemiology at the University of Washington in 2015 and her MPH at University of Utah in 2011. For her dissertation she worked on a randomized clinical trial of home-based education and HIV testing of partners of pregnant women in Western Kenya (The HOPE Study), which included a qualitative component to capture user feedback and satisfaction, as well as behavior change and motivation. Prior to this, Daisy was part of the University of Utah's Study Abroad Program in Ghana for two summers, which included work in family planning and the dissemination of results back to local communities. The U of U Study Abroad Program was a springboard into starting a career in public health work both abroad and locally, continuing higher education, and bringing principles of community engagement and outreach back to underserved communities in the United States.
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Adrienne Carey photo Adrienne Carey, MD
Degree: Medicine

Ghana Learning Abroad Program (Summer 2010 & 2011)

Learning abroad was incredibly influential on my career choice and it combined love for travel and practicing medicine. Completing two research projects in a resource limited setting during medical school set me up well for future experiences during my residency program. As a resident, I spent a month living in Botswana caring for patients in a rural hospital. Hands on experience with face to face interactions provided me an opportunity that I could not gain any other way. I look forward to my next learning abroad adventure.
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