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U-POWER partners with employers in Utah and across the nation to provide technical assistance for activities that take a Total Worker Health® approach to improving worker well-being. Rather than a single program, we offer individualized coaching and assistance services for employers interested in developing or modifying a workplace well-being program. Coaching may, but does not have to, include information on employee engagement and how a Total Worker Health (TWH) approach can help improve worker well-being. We also offer advice on planning, developing, and implementing interventions. 

Examples of specific activities we offer include facilitating discussions between employers and workers (and/or worker associations), providing identifying support to help make your case for a TWH approach through summaries of peer-reviewed research, identifying and rating potential interventions in the literature, and evaluating specific interventions or programs for how well they abide by TWH principles. 

Nonprofit organizations will receive technical assistance without charge; for-profit organizations should contact U-POWER to set up a free consultation meeting to discuss the scope of assistance that will be provided, their budget, and other key details.