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Daniel Ermann

Daniel Ermann, MD

  • About Me

    I’m originally from a small town outside of Philadelphia, PA. Growing up I was always interested in science and medicine. Additionally, I enjoy traveling and exploring and because of that I've slowly been moving closer and closer towards the west coast. One of my most exciting adventures was when I met my Fiancé while in residency at Creighton University in Nebraska. I have a dog who is a Pug named Chase. I am really enjoying the outdoors here in Utah!

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Hematology, Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

    Interests & Hobbies

    I grew up playing videogames with my family, so some of that has stuck with me. I enjoy tech and gadgets, and have built my own computer. With all the beautiful outdoor activities Utah has to offer I have taken up outdoor trail running with some success. I did some snowboarding in the past but since moving to Utah I have started to learn to ski.

    Why Utah?

    Huntsman is an amazing hospital and a great place to train. Besides that, I really enjoy this part of the country. The people here are nice, the seasons are enjoyable and there is so much to do! The other fellows are extremely approachable, personable and helpful. The staff are excellent clinicians and leaders in their fields. Everyone I met here has been friendly and motivated to help me reach my career goals.


    Doylestown, PA