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Haoran Li

Haoran Li, MD, PhD

  • About Me

    I am from Chengdu, China, a city famous for its spicy food and pandas. I have been to different cities in North America. I lived in New York City with my family for the past three years. I enjoy exploring museums and restaurants throughout different cities.

    Medical Areas of Interest

    GU/GI malignancy, lymphoma.

    Interests & Hobbies

    I like bouldering, scuba diving and hiking. My adventures have allowed me to chase the aurora in Alberta, bike in Tibet and swim with sharks in the Caribbean. During quarantine time, I found Karaoke is also very fun.

    Why Utah?

    Salt Lake City is one of the fast growing metropolitan areas in this country. It offers arguably the best work-life balance. It is an ideal place to raise a family. One of Utah's hidden secrets is its unpolluted dark sky, which is a bonus for someone who likes stargazing and night photography.


    Chengdu, China