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Inderpreet Bhatti, DO

  • About Me

    Hometown: Pleasanton, California

    Medical School: Touro University California

    Residency: Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego

    Medical Areas of Interest: Solid Oncology, medical education, and clinical research as it relates to real-world application.

    About Me: I was raised in the Bay Area, CA in a caring family with strong Punjabi-Canadian roots. Throughout my life, I’ve experienced compassion to be the bridge to human connection and that laughter can often be the best medicine. Ultimately, I aspire to care for my patients on a human level, through a humble and unwavering commitment to selfless service and academic curiosity.

    Interest and Hobbies: Reading, playing recreational sports, avid sports fan (Manchester United, Warriors, Maple Leafs loyal), and spending time with friends and family.

    Why Utah? The warm camaraderie at HCI, the privilege to train under world-class leaders in both fields of hematology and oncology, and the exceptional clinical/academic resources