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Brianna Chessin

Brianna Chessin, MD

  • About Me

    Born in the bustling metropolis of Casper, WY, I spent my formative years ski racing, backpacking, and fly fishing. As a natural next step, I moved to central Jersey for college. Four years and several thousand repetitions of 'Glory Days' later, I headed south to Atlanta. There, I embarked on my first career in television news at CNN, where I got my start rolling a teleprompter and escorting important celebrity guests (such as Ricky Martin and a South American penguin) to set, and eventually worked my way up to producing. Although my first career was fascinating and exciting, I'd always dreamed of becoming a physician, so I completed a post-bacc program and attended medical school in Chicago.

    Medical Areas of Interest

    All the things! Primary care, hospital medicine, global health, bioethics, palliative care.

    Interests & Hobbies

    Ultimate frisbee, running, hiking, skiing, traveling, New York Times crossword puzzles, baking with sourdough

    Why Utah?

    Highest dog to human ratio of any program on the trail. The dogs are great, but the humans are greater! The residents I met on interview day struck me as bright, motivated people with a healthy mix of work and fun. The program is balanced, the leadership is supportive, and the sunrise commute is postcard-worthy.


    Casper, WY