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Ryan Canter

Ryan Canter, MD, MS

  • About Me

    I was raised in Maryland, in the suburbs of Washington, DC. I grew up spending time on the Chesapeake Bay and the multitude of rivers that feed into it. I attended college in Maryland as well, where I studied history. Following college, I moved to Boston as an Americorps Member. I betrayed my home state by moving to Virginia for medical school, but I enjoyed the access to waterways and the beaches of coastal Virginia. Utah is a change from the water that I’m used to, but I have fallen in love with the mountains and lakes here. 

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Primary care, under-served medicine, medical education, medical humanities. 

    Interests & Hobbies

    Film (particularly horror and sci-fi), photography, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, running, exploring the food scene, traveling, chilling on the porch

    Why Utah?

    What’s not to love about Utah? I was attracted to the accessibility to the outdoors, but I fell in love with the people and program. The program leadership is dedicated to our education and well-being, and the pediatric and medicine programs have welcomed us with open arms. The attendings and fellows are very approachable and dedicated to teaching. The fellow residents are inspiring people and incredibly supportive. The hospitals have huge catchment areas, so you are guaranteed to see bread-and-butter as well as more complex patients presenting with rare diagnoses. The Salt Lake community is vibrant with arts (Sundance film fest!), food, and, somewhat surprisingly, great beer. Salt Lake has all the great things of a city along with incredible accessibility to nature. Not to mention, my sister lives here, and it’s great to be closer to her.


    North Potomac, MD