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Brady Groneman

Brady Groneman

Academic Office Information

About Me

Brady joined the team as a Clinical Research Coordinator with extensive experience in varying inpatient and outpatient clinical and research roles, including as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, Psych Tech and Behavioral Health Specialist, Lead Medical Assistant, and Study Coordinator. He has always been passionate about mental health in particular and has strived to do all he can to improve the access to healthcare and medications for mental health patients in Utah. He has worked collaboratively with a number of leading physicians, especially within the University of Utah healthcare system, to maintain the efficacy of successful and effective treatment options for patients on their journey to healing.

Brady received his education at the University of Utah and has plans to continue furthering his education with a focus on Anthropology and Human Technology Interface Informatics. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, working on citizen science projects, being out in nature, and spending quality time with his family and two dogs.