Comprehensive Functional Experience

The Functional Neurosurgery Fellowship at the University of Utah offers comprehensive training in all aspects of modern stereotactic and functional procedures, preparing the fellow for a successful career in academic neurosurgery. The fellowship is approved by the Committee on Advanced Subspecialty Training (CAST), and features structured training in surgical techniques, practice management, and scientific research.

 The fellow will participate in movement disorder, pain, and epilepsy surgery. Movement disorder surgery will include focused ultrasound, MRI-guided asleep DBS, awake DBS with microelectrode recording, and radiofrequency lesioning. Epilepsy surgery will include stereo-EEG, grid/strip placement, responsive neurostimulator placement, DBS, VNS, laser ablation, and resection. Pain procedures include microvascular decompressions, percutaneous rhizotomies, and radiosurgery lesioning. The fellow will participate in biweekly multidisciplinary movement disorder conferences and weekly multidisciplinary epilepsy conferences. The fellowship may be supported in part by industry funding, depending on the academic year.

Research Experience

Both clinical and translational research opportunities are available and encouraged. The fellowship director, Dr. John Rolston, runs an NIH-funded laboratory investigating human electrophysiology, and there are numerous preexisting collaborations with other departments, all of which the fellow can participate in. For epilepsy, this includes Drs. Karen Wilcox (Pharmacology) and Edward Dudek (Neurosurgery). For focused ultrasound, Drs. Dennis Parker, Matthew Alexander, Henrik Odeen, and Allison Payne (Radiology). For biomedical engineering, Drs. Gregory Clark, Chuck Dorval, and Rob MacLeod. The fellow is expected to present their work at our departmental grand rounds, and will be given support to present at national meetings. Mentoring is available for the drafting of an NIH Career Development award (e.g., K08/K12/K23). The fellow will also have access to the Dept. of Neurosurgery’s medical editor, Kristin Kraus, and our videographer, Vance Mortimer. To further help the fellow with research, the University of Utah hosts a Study Design and Biostatistics Core, the Center for High Performance Computing, and numerous grant writing workshops. The University is also actively engaged in research and device development with local biotechnology companies such as Blackrock Microsystems and Ripple.

Future Functional Neurosurgery Fellow

  • 2021-2022  Bornali Kundu, MD, PhD

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