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The Richard Lende Winter Neurosurgery Conference originated during the winter of 1972-1973 when a small group of similarly motivated neurosurgeons met at the Alta Peruvian Lodge and at Snowbird, to exchange papers and ideas in an informal meeting.

The meeting was obviously well-received and plans were laid for future gatherings. The future was clouded however, by the injury of Dr. Richard Lende, then Chairman of Neurosurgery at Albany, who suffered a severe leg fracture requiring hospitalization at the University of Utah Medical Center. After a lengthy stay, he returned to Albany, where he tragically suffered cardiac arrest and expired while anesthetized for a minor surgical wound revision.

The spirit and intent of the original meeting has been preserved for more than five decades. It is open to Neurosciences only, providing a forum for free exchange of ideas and presentation of innovations in neurological surgery and allied fields. This meeting of research and clinical applications in a relaxed setting has endured the test of time as a popular tribute to the memory of Dr. Richard Lende.

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