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John A. Moran Eye Center Fellowships

Moran Global Fellowship

Program Director & Selection Chair: Jeff Pettey, MD, Associate Professor
Department Chairman: Randall J Olson, MD, Professor, CEO, John A. Moran Eye Center
Program Director: Jeff Pettey, MD, Associate Professor
Academic Program Manager: Elaine Peterson, C-TAGME

Thank you for your interest in the Moran Global Fellowship working with Jeff Petty, MD, and Craig Chaya, M.D. A prior year in a United States fellowship program in cornea, glaucoma, retina or Uveitis is preferred but not required.


The fellow will spend approximately six to eight months of the 12-month fellowship working in the developing world, teaching clinical and surgical aspects of ophthalmology. The balance will be spent at the John A Moran Eye Center. The fellow will have the opportunity to work overseas in a variety of countries and settings. Past fellowship experiences have included periods in Nepal, Haiti, Ghana, and India. Future opportunities may include these or other countries such as Kenya, Malaysia, Vietnam, or Ethiopia. Networking with overseas organizations including the Himalayan Cataract Project, ORBIS, Tissue Bank International and other international organizations and eye banks are strongly encouraged.

Fellowship Goals

The goal of this fellowship will be to encourage independence, and the ability to work in different contexts, as well as to help expand Moran's global network with key individuals in foreign governments, NGOs, hospitals, and service organizations. Clinical and surgical practice during these periods will have a large degree of independence.


As with all of our fellowships, the Global Fellowship is NOT a PGY5 ACGME accredited fellowship position as is our residency program. We hire fellows as limited term faculty appointed physicians who must be credentialed at our affiliated hospitals, therefore only U.S. citizens who have completed USMLE exams in the United States and/or completed their residency training in the U.S. are eligible. You will not be able to work at our Veteran's Hospital, however, without U.S. citizenship. We will accept applications again Fall 2021.


If you have further questions, please contact:

Thank you for your interest in the Moran Global Fellowship Program.