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About Our Research

Backed by $3.8 million in federal funding, Monika Fleckenstein, MD, and her research collaborators at the John A. Moran Eye Center are using two National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants spanning five years to better understand various subtypes on the age-related macular degeneration (AMD) spectrum. High-resolution retinal imaging has unveiled diverse AMD patterns. Recognizing AMD as a spectrum emphasizes the importance of tailoring treatments to specific subtypes and stages, potentially preventing irreversible vision loss in the future.

NIH-Funded Research

"The Impact of Non-Exudative Type 1 Macular Neovascularization on AMD Progression" (R01EY033365)

This research project challenges the current concept of AMD. Demonstrating that a specific neovascular subtype of AMD actually prevents disease progression in the sense of an intrinsic “rescue mechanism” would not only provide essential information for currently tested treatment approaches but also provide a rationale for new therapeutic strategies in AMD to prevent vision loss.

"Progression of Early Atrophic Lesions in AMD" (R01EY034965)

Early atrophic AMD represents an important time window in the course of so far untreatable atrophic AMD, as patients typically experience only some degree of visual dysfunction, while being at significant risk for marked further loss of vision. To allow the precise evaluation of upcoming therapeutic interventions, a better understanding of the manifestation and variable disease progression is needed. This project aims to investigate refined tools to detect and monitor early atrophic AMD more accurately, including the impact on visual dysfunction and quality of life.

Research Publications

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    • "The Impact of Non-Exudative Type 1 Macular Neovascularization on AMD Progression" 

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    • "Progression of Early Atrophic Lesions in AMD"

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