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Instron Hydraulic Test Machine

•1331 load frame

•Model 8800 controller

•WaveMatrix software

•250N and 1kN series 2527 Dynacell load cells

MTS Hydrualic Test Machine

•Model 858 Mini Bionix

•Series 359 load unit

•Axial and torsion

Optotrak Motion Capture System - Certus

•Model: Certus

•12 Smart marker rigid bodies

•6 custom 4-diode rigid bodies

•4 diode digitizing probe

•PCI & USB communication

•Adjustable rolling support frame

Portable Radiography

•MinXray system portable x-ray unit

•Model MXRSLW, HF120/60HPPWV PowerPlus™

•Military and clinical spec digital radiographs

•Integrated PC and data storage

Clinical-grade Fluoroscopy

•General Electric OEC series 9600 c-arm fluoroscope

Motion Capture Cameras

•Separate cameras for acquiring treadmill and over-ground gait

•10-camera F-series Vicon System

•10-camera Vicon Bonita B10 System

Ground Reaction Forces

•Two AMTI MSA-6 Biomechanics Platforms

•Custom-built staircase can be mounted to the forceplates to capture ground reaction forces for three steps

Instrumented Treadmill

•Bertec Corp.

•Independent belts with full length force plates

•15 degrees of inclined gait (reverse tread direction for declined gait)

High-Speed Dual Fluoroscopy

•Quantifies in-vivo joint motion

•Captures joint kinematics relative to treadmill, over-ground gait, or during clinical exams

•Spatially and temporally integrated with infrared motion cameras and forceplates

•Acquisition rates up to 2,200 Hz


•Motion Lab Systems

•Fine wire or surface

•16 Channels

•Telemeterized recordings

Biomechanical Shoulder Simulator

•Bimba stepper-driven linear actuators simulating the deltoid, supraspinatus, infraspinatus / teres minor, and subscapularis

•Omega and Futek load cells on each line of action

•Integrated Optotrak spatial motion tracking

•Custom ex-fix elbow locking hardware

•Static scapula fixation

•Custom LabView control software

•Teach & replay motion algorithms

Robotic workstation

•FANUC M-20iA 6-axis articulating robot

•1.8 m reach

•0.08 mm repeatability

•20 kg wrist payload

•22-44 Nm load moments

Robotic Workstation

•FANUC F-200iA hexapod robot

•1.0+ m reach, >60° faceplate tilt and rotation

• 0.1 mm repeatability

•100 kg payload

•Coordinated motion with the M-20iA robot

Landmark and anatomy digitizing probe

•MicroScribe Model G2X Digitizing System

•50” reach

•< 0.009” accuracy

•Point-to-point or real time data acquisition

Rapid prototyping 1

•Dimension Elite 3D printer

•ABS thermoplastic print media

•8 x 8 x 12” build volume

Rapid prototyping 2

•Formlabs Form 2

•SLA resin based 3D printer

•6 x 6 x 7” build volume

Rapid prototyping 3

  • Markforged Mark Two 3D printer
  • Onyx thermoplastic print media
  • Continuous fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon fiber reinforcement
  • 12 x 5 x 6” build volume



•Digital video motion capture

•Freeze clamps

•8 channel strain gauge amplifier

•National Instruments DAQ, motion control, etc.

•Machining: lathe, mini-CNC, band saw, drill press

•Clinical tools – sag saw, pin drivers, drills, hand tools

•Hand tools, electrical, etc.





•FEA (Nike3D, FEBio, TruGrid)




•Visual 3D

•Vicon Nexus