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  • What is the Pediatrics FARA ad hoc Committee?
    A committee of faculty members from across the department, representing a variety of tracks, ranks, and divisions, who discuss each review candidate and determine a consensus of support. Promotion and tenure candidates who receive the committee’s support are presented to the entire department for a vote at our annual Department Advisory Committee meetings. 
  • What is the anticipated time commitment?
    The committee will hold ~ 8 hybrid-style meetings from 5 – 7 p.m. throughout each calendar year, with dinner provided at the in-person meeting option. This year we anticipate breaking up the meetings to be held in May, August/September, and December. Members are encouraged to attend as many meetings as they are able, but it is not required that you attend them all. Most of our members encounter conflicts with clinical service, teaching responsibilities, family events, etc. for at least some of our meetings. We can work with your needs.
  • How much work is involved? 
    Members are assigned 1 – 3 candidate files to review each year. Member efforts will be focused mainly on reading/review of the candidate’s CV, self-assessment statement, letters of evaluation, student/trainee committee report, and summary document, and then being prepared to discuss the summary with the committee. Writing requirements will only involve one written paragraph per assigned candidate (representing the committee’s summary statement on the file). If assigned a promotion, tenure-line retention, or award of tenure candidate, members will also present their report at the annual DAC meetings at the end of September.
  • I’m interested! How do I join? 
    To join the Pediatrics FARA ad hoc Committee, please email Our members have commented that they enjoy the opportunity to meet Pediatrics faculty outside of their division and learn about the fascinating work being completed across the department. 
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Nanette C. Dudley, MD

Nanette Dudley, MD

  • Vice Chair for Academic Affairs
  • Professor, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Lawrence J. Cook, PhD

Lawrence Cook, PHD

  • Chair, Department Advisory Committee
  • Chair, FARA ad hoc Committee
  • Professor, Pediatric Critical Care
Lawrence J. Cook, PhD

Mary Niu, MD

  • Associate Chair, FARA ad hoc Committee
  • Associate Professor, Pediatric Cardiology

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