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PHS Department Staff


Marcie Leek

Marcie Leek, MPA

Academic Program Manager

Contact for PHS PhD Education Program:

  • Academic advising
  • Student degree milestones
  • PHS course schedule
  • Campus resources
  • Graduate admissions and recruitment
  • Tuition benefit and scholarships
  • PHS PhD Curriculum and course schedule


Blair Cooper

Blair Cooper

Principal Software Engineer

Contact for software development and data management design related to Dr. Jacob Kean’s research: ORION, CPRN, and VINCI

Dagny Donohue

Dagny Donohue

PS Study Coordinator

Contact for RECOVER Study (COVID-19 Research):

  • Contacting participants
  • Research coordination
  • Recruitment/enrollment
  • Scheduling
  • Maintaining data

Santiago Isaza

Santiago Isaza

Clinical Research Coordinator

Contact for: 

  • Dr. Adam Bress
  • Dr. Jordan King
  • Dr. JD Smith
  • Administrative/research support for:
    • Optimize SPRINT
    • Jackson Heart Study
    • SAMS

Maddie McCarty

Maddie McCarty

Research Manager

Contact for the AHA-PCORI Randomized Evaluation of Decision Support Interventions for Atrial Fibrillation (RED-AF) project

Research support for:

  • Dr. Angie Fagerlin
  • Dr. Elissa Ozanne