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Current Projects


Navigating the EXperience of healthcare Transitions by helping Adolescents and Young Adults be Informed, Self-directed, and Empowered

Our research team needs your expertise to design an engaging and educational video game to help adolescents and young adults learn and practice skills needed for lifelong congenital heart disease (CHD) care. This game will help patients with CHD to develop essential transition readiness skills so that they can effectively manage their care, self-advocate, and navigate complex healthcare systems as an adult.

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Understanding Self-Advocacy and Implications of Living with Congenital Heart Disease

The overall goal of this study is to understand ways to help adolescents and young adults with congenital heart disease (CHD) prepare for transitioning from pediatric to adult care. We are specifically interested in understanding how to help patients with CHD build self-advocacy skills. We would also like to learn about ethical, legal, and social issues that may occur when living with CHD.

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StrAtegic PoLicy EvIdence-Based Evaluation CeNTer (SALIENT)

Rigorous evaluation, knowledge dissemination, and training to facilitate rapid and effective implementation of VA policies and programs

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Improving Patient and Family Health Using Family-Centered Outcomes and Shared Decision-Making

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Healthcare Discrimination in Children with Special Healthcare Needs

The goal of the Health Equity Research Core is to catalyze and support Pediatric research that prioritizes vulnerable children and addresses health disparities in both the U.S. and global contexts.

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