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Interested in doing education scholarship but don’t know where to start? Schedule a brainstorming meeting with Candace Chow, PhD, the Director of Education Research:

Journal Club

This group meets once a month to discuss a medical education publication. Join us to learn more about the field of medical education and its various types of publications. View this box folder for past and current articles and here to view past and current PowerPoint presentations.


Interested in publishing your medical education project? See below for resources on publishing:


Core Educator Publications

See what our colleagues have been publishing:

Medical Education Podcast Reccomendations

  • M.ED: Medical Education for the Practicing Clinician By Kerry Whittemore, MD‪.‬
    • Are you a busy clinician who wants to stay up to date with all the topics that are essential to your work? You’ve found the right podcast. M.ED: Medical Education for the Practicing Clinician is one of few podcasts that deliver free continuing medical education (CME) to you in 30 minutes or less. Interview topics with experts in the field will range from telemedicine, medical student wellness, clinician as the educator, and much more. Get instant access to compelling conversations brought to you by the University of Utah School of Medicine, with your host, Kerry Whittemore, MD.
  • Teaching in Medicine by Dr. Kathleen Timme
    • Educating health care providers of tomorrow is one of the greatest joys in medicine. Join Dr. Kathleen Timme, an academic pediatric subspecialist and educator as she interviews current and aspiring clinician-educators. Together, we will explore triumphs, struggles, and effective approaches in medical education. The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the participants.



 MedEd Conferences

Med Ed Conferences