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Regional Affairs


Regional Affairs is the expansion of RUUTE into the surrounding states of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. The goal of this expansion is to improve medical education and training, healthcare access, and long-term socio-economic benefits for rural and underserved communities in the Mountain West. This is primarily done by increasing public knowledge of rural medicine, educating students of opportunities in the health sciences, and providing opportunities for physicians in training to return to rural areas. 

 For questions, email Kylie Christensen, at:


Regional Affairs Student Photo Gallery

Hannah Holik, Class of 2025
Holly Harper participating in the Rural Outreach Program
Maddie Bernardo, MS3 participating in CEE

To find more ways to donate towards rural medical student scholarships, please visit the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine Website.

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Please contact the RUUTE Team with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.