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Montana & Wyoming Affairs


The University of Utah Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine is one of the most prominent medical schools in the Mountain West and strives to foster relationships with the surrounding states of Montana & Wyoming in order to provide access to medical education. Students at the UUSOM from Montana & Wyoming have unique opportunities available to them to engage with their home state. 

For admissions and pre-med information, visit the Montana & Wyoming Residents Admissions website.
For more information on Montana & Wyoming Affairs, contact Kylie Christensen at


    Through the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education Professional Student Exchange Program (WICHE PSEP), incoming Montana and Wyoming students who are certified residents of their home states may be eligible to attend the UUSOM at reduced or resident tuition rates.

    For more information about WICHE certification, tuition, and other application information, visit the Montana & Wyoming Residents Admissions website.



    Per the state of Wyoming, WICHE PSEP funding for new start Allopathic Medicine (MD) students enrolling Fall 2023 and forward is suspended until further notice. Please refer to the Wyoming PSEP Certifying Office for more information.

    The objective of the RUUTE Community Engagement Experience (CEE) is to familiarize students with identifying community health needs and then creating actionable intervention(s) to address that need. Students will become immersed in the community via clinical preceptor time and community service. By completing this experience in a rural and/or underserved area, students will develop a more well-rounded understanding of differences in health system medicine. The project/community deliverable/intervention that students will complete will promote student engagement in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming or Montana and integrate emerging knowledge across health humanities and the foundational, clinical and healthcare delivery sciences.

    The Montana and Wyoming Affairs program is currently under expansion, with more opportunities being developed. If you are a current UUSOM student from Montana or Wyoming interested in returning to your home state for shadowing or clerkships, please read the following steps. Rotations in Wyoming and Montana are prioritized for Wyoming and Montana students. However, if you are student from outside of Montana or Wyoming who is interested in completing a rotation in Wyoming or Montana please email and view the following steps.

    • Rising second year students will complete this survey  to further solidify your preferences for completing a third year clerkship in your home state of Montana or Wyoming.
      • Survey should be completed by the first day of second year
    • The RUUTE and Regional Affairs team will use survey responses to determine best placement options for Montana and Wyoming students.
    • The RUUTE and Regional Affairs team will use survey results to find suitable preceptors in identified areas. RUUTE and Regional Affairs will make contact with prospective preceptors to determine if the preceptors are a good fit and are willing to take UUSOM medical students
    • RUUTE and Regional Affairs will work with Governance & Accreditation to process affiliation agreements with preceptors and clinics. (Note that affiliation agreements will be processed during students second year).
    • RUUTE, Regional Affairs and students will work with prospective clerkship directors and coordinators to place students

    *Please note that given the nature of affiliation agreements, if the steps are not completed in a timely manner, we cannot assure placements.

    The RUUTE & Regional Affairs team is excited for you to complete a clinical or community experience in a rural and/or underserved community in  Montana, or Wyoming. Funding for lodging and travel assistance (mileage stipends) is limited and is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Travel assistance is also dependent on the time of matriculation, geographical location, clinical experience, and funds available. We understand travel and/or lodging accommodations are important to ensuring your experience is exceptional, thus we will do our best to support your request. Learn more about the travel application here.

    If students have additional questions, please reach out to

    The Rural Outreach Program (ROP) is a student-run organization that delivers health science learning experiences to K-12 students. This program is run in Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. This opportunity allows medical students to practice teaching, provide hands-on instruction to students with dissections, and provide insight on the pathway to being in medical school and some of the pros and cons.

    • Time commitment: 3-5 days
    • Trips occur during winter and spring breaks


    Current RUUTE Wyoming & Montana Offerings

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    WY Map

    To find more ways to donate towards rural medical student scholarships, please visit the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine Website.

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    Please contact the RUUTE Team with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.